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Twin Comanche

STCs for Piper Twin Comanche

AK# Note
AK# Note
AK# Note
PA30 14 974 974 974 13 , 34 , 35 , 68  
PA39 14 974 974 974 13 , 34 , 35 , 68 355
PA30 28 1017 1017 1017 100  



* Contact Century Flight Systems sales department for certification information for this aircraft.

13. Must specify if control wheel is the closed type or conventional Ram's Horn type.

34. Also eligible on Piper PA30 when modified per Piper Kit No. 760368 and/or STC SA727WE.

35. Also eligible on Piper PA39 when modified per STC SA727WE and/or STC SA787WE.

68. Possible alternate Pitch Servo Installation. Send drawing no. 69D1918 PRIOR to shipping kit so that Dealer may determine which installation kit he will require.

100. Eligible on PA30 when modified in accordance with STC SA00482AT-D, (28 Volt Electrical System).

dc. System listed for reference only. Discontinued manufacturing in year 2000.

Located in: Piper Aircraft