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Skymaster and Chancellor 347 & 414

STCs for Cessna Skymaster, 340, 401,402 & 414

AK# Note
AK# Note
YK# Note
337E, T337B, 337C, T337C 28 1055    
337E, T337E 28 1055    
337F, G 28 1055    
337H, T337H 28 1055    
414/414A 28     867 71



* Contact Century Flight Systems sales department for certification information for this aircraft.

50. Specify if aircraft is equipped with Cessna ldler Pulley Bracket P/N 1470067-4 and Cessna Double Bellcrank P/N 1462000-2.

71. Notice to the Installer: It has come to our attention that due to previous modifications and small airframe variations, this autopilot kit may require one or more minor variations be made to the data provided herein in order to facilitate component installation. It is recommended that an examination of the installation area be made and compared with the installation prints provided, prior to initiation of the installation of the system. If deviations from the data are identified in this examination, a determination of the approval requirements should be made by the installing authority prior to installation.

102. Inquire if aircraft has straight or 8 degree tilted panel. If 8 degree tilt then supply 52D261-1M or 32B53 8 degree shim.

108. If aircraft is already equipped with an Autopilot.  It will be necessary to return the aircraft trim system cables back to standard configuration.

dc. System listed for reference only. Discontinued manufacturing in year 2000.

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