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STCs for Beech D17S, G17S, 19A, B19, M19, 45(YT-34), A45 (Y-34A), B45, D45 (T-34B)

AK# Note
AK# Note
YK# Note
D17S, G17S 14 1012 104   1013
F17D 14 1035 104   1036
19A 14   633  
B19, M19 14   633  
45 (YT-34) 28      
 A45 (T34A), B45 28 1034  649 42  
A45 (T-34A) 28 1034    
B45, D45 (T-34B) 28 1034    



* Contact Century Flight Systems sales department for certification information for this aircraft.

42. Also eligible on Beech Models A45 (T34A) and B45 when modified in accordance with STC SA1450SW or SA1864SW (285 HP Conversions).

104. Aircraft with footnote 104 did not have manual electric or automatic trim certified during A/P STC.

dc. System listed for reference only. Discontinued manufacturing in year 2000.

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