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STCs for Beech Musketeer

AK# Note
23 14 633 38
A23 14 633 38
A23A 14 633 38
B23 14 633
C23 14 633
C23 28 779
A23-19 14 633
A23-24 14 633 38



38. Beech Models 23, A23, A23A S/N m-1 thru M-962 and Beech Model A23-24, S/N MA-1 thru MA-27 must be modified per Beech Service News Letter, Volume XX, No. 11, dated November 1, 1967. (Improvement on Aileron Rudder/Interconnect System on the Beechcraft Musketeer).

dc. System listed for reference only. Discontinued manufacturing in year 2000.
Located in: Beech Aircraft