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STCs for Beech Kingair

AK# Note
YK# Note
65-90,A90 28   835
B90,C90 28 878 64 835
E90 28 878 64 835
99,A,B,C 28 913 94 914



59. Also eligible on Beech Models 65-90 and 65-A90 when modified in accordance with Notes 7, 11, 18 or 19 of TCDS 3A20, Revision 31, dated 4-15-76.

64. Autopilot could require installation of Beech Control Wheel P/N 50-524592-3. If the aircraft control wheel (pilot's side) is not of a style that will accommodate the installation of the switch arrangement as shown on Drawing No. 69B731-6, it will be necessary to replace the existing control wheel with Beech Control Wheel P/N 50-524592-3, The following is a list of parts required (Reference Beech Catalog):

(SIN LJ215 and below)
90-5046-IP Control Wheel Kit 1 Each
50-524416-89 Shaft (Control Wheel) 1 Each
(S/N LJ216-318)
90-5046-IP Control Wheel Kit 1 Each

94. AK913 Century 41 for A,B, C-99 is certified with yaw damper which is included in kit. YK914 Yaw Damper Kit for B, C-99 is identified so that it may be purchased separately as a stand-alone system or for use with other autopilot makes.

dc. System listed for reference only. Discontinued manufacturing in year 2000.

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