General STC Information

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Autopilot and flight director installations are considered by the FAA to be major airframe modifications and therefore must be FAA approved. FAA approvals for these detailed installations in a particular aircraft model are made on either the airplane's Type Certificate (TC) or on a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). The factory maintains a professional staff of engineering specialists whose sole mission is to obtain STCs. We continually evaluate the content of the entire General Aviation fleet of more than 200,000 aircraft for new STC possibilities in order to expand the base of STC aircraft approvals. At the time that the information in this section was published, there were over 1,600 STC aircraft applications - more than all our competitors combined. We are adding to the list of STCs on a regular basis.

What to Do If You Don't Find the System You Need

If there is no STC approval listed for your aircraft, you may wish to contact the factory Sales Department. We'll tell you if we have added that STC aircraft approval to our list, or if we have plans to do so.

STC Approval Policy

Negotiations for aircraft STCs are arranged between aircraft owners and the factory; however, dealers are encouraged to assist in obtaining STC aircraft because it increases the opportunity for many future installations at the dealership. If you have a customer interested in supplying an aircraft for an STC, please contact the Sales Department so that we may make specific arrangements.

Points to consider when selecting a plane for STC approval:

  • Properly operating radios (comms and navs)
  • Marker beacon
  • Transponder
  • Encoding altimeter
  • Acceptable compass system
  • NSD heading system (preferably installed by Century Flight Systems, Inc.)
  • Good airworthy condition
  • Current annual
  • No ADs
  • Good engine(s) and tires
  • Aircraft and engine log books onboard
  • Radio station license and current registration

We will handle the specific terms and conditions with the STC Program participant. We do not engage in any outside autopilot STC arrangements and do not encourage our dealers to accept any responsibility for attempting individual STCs.