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Maintenance ManualsPrice
68S54 Century II and III Manual $ 300
68S73 Century I Manual $ 175
68S94 Electronic Trim Amplifier 1C709-() Manual $ 150
68S304 NSD360A/NSD1000 Horizontal Situation Indicator Manual $ 500
68S652 Gyro Slaving Amplifier, and Bootstrap Synchro 1C714/1D755 Manual $ 150
68S653 Century 41 Annunciator/Programmer Manual $ 150
68S656 Yaw Damper 1C753-() - NOW OBSOLETE Unavailable
68S1025 Century 21 Service Manual $ 300
68S1026 Century 31 Service Manual $ 400
68S1027 Century 41 Service Manual $ 550
68S1034 Century 2000 Service Manual $ 600
68S1072 Yaw Damper, 1C753-100/200 Series Manual $ 250
68S1201 Trim Service Manual $ 300
Test ManualsPrice
68S371 Century II, III, and IV Test Console (66D1000) $ 250
68S1029 Century 2000, 21, 31, and 41 Test Drawer (66D1000-14) $ 250
Pilot ManualsPrice
68S72 Century I PDF file FREE
68S75 Century IIB PDF file FREE
68S25 Century III PDF file FREE
68S82 Century IV PDF file FREE
68S1035 Century 2000 PDF file FREE
68S1135 Century Triden PDF File FREE
68S1170 Century C4000 PDF File FREE
68S1092 Digital Altitude Preselect PDF file FREE
68S85 NSD PDF file FREE
68S805 Century 21 PDF file FREE
68S1024 Century 31 PDF file FREE
68S803 Century 41 PDF file FREE
Installation ManualsPrice
Bulletin No. ( ) (English)   $ 250
STC Included with STC - Installation Manual; Pilot's Operating Handbook; Airworthiness Certificate $ 1,675

All printed material is non-discountable & non-refundable.