Systems Engineering

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Century Service Center offers the aircraft operator a complete spectrum of design engineering, avionics planning, manufacturing, and support services. From our knowledgeable staff of engineers to our experienced installation and service teams, CSC is capable of meeting any challenge.

Airborne Communication (HF, VHF, UHF)

System design and integration from simple single communications equipment to complex systems with computer-related modems and secure voice activation.

Voice Applications

Systems designed to voice activate the tuning of communication and navigation receivers.

Communications and Data Switching Systems

Conceptual design, CAD engineering of communications and navigational data transference systems.

Flight Instruments, Flight and Cockpit Voice Recorders

Design and engineering of flight recorder systems, cockpit voice recorder systems, and digital engine instrumentation.

Radar, Tacan, GPS, Loran and TCAS Systems

Systems integration of state-of-the-art components with existing navigation and weather avoidance equipment to provide an economical alternative to complete avionics retrofit.


System engineering, CAD drawing, installations and STC certification of single- to five-tube Electronic Flight Instrumentation Systems with on-staff DERs.

Cockpit Standardization

Engineering and manufacturing of modern instrument panels for older aircraft, including edge-lighted and back-lighted panels. Silk screening of placard marking, rearranging of avionics equipment and, reworking of avionics racks and wiring harnesses.


Century Service Center has a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility offering the following services:

  • Control cable and sheet metal fabrication.
  • Manufacture and refurbishment of equipment racks, cable harnesses, etc.
  • Manufacturing engineering staff.
  • Wire harness fabrication and assembly.