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Triden Series Autopilot

"The autopilot of the future is here today."

Continuing in the standard excellence Century Flight Systems introduces the Triden series autopilot. State of the art surface mount digital electronics make this autopilot the most reliable autopilot in the world. With more standard features this 2 axis autopilot will make your flight time safer, easier and smoother than you could ever imagine.

Triden Series Autopilot

Standard features include:

  • 3 ATI panel mount
  • Sunlight readable LCD display
  • Trim prompting
  • Automatic gain selects
  • ESA (expandable system architecture)
  • GPS/ VOR/ LOC coupling
  • Automatic GS capture
  • Altitude hold
  • Vertical speed select
  • Voice Alert annunciator
  • Aircraft low voltage monitor
  • Intercepts up 179 degrees
  • Plus much more


  • Single Que Flight Director
  • Automatic and Manual Electric Trim
  • Yaw Damper
  • Altitude Pre-select with Alerter


TRIDEN General Information

  Autopilot Flt. Dir. Total
Weight: 8.3 lbs..4 lbs.17.3 lbs.
Power: 4.5 amps @ 14 or 28 VDC
Panel Size: DG and AG - 3-ATI
3 ATI Panel Space


TRIDEN Specifications

Basic 2-Axis Trim Prompt

Panel Space 3 ATI
Weight 8.3 lbs.
Power 1.5 amps nominal @ 14 or 28 VDC
The roll axis channel features continuous roll/nav/voltage monitors, heading hold, heading select, NAV (VOR/RNAV) /LOC/BC, anticipative intercept and track, automatic soft track, auto 45-degree intercept, and all angle intercept with HSI.

Pitch channel features altitude hold, attitude command, electronic altitude hold, vertical speed hold, G/S capture and track, proportional pitch trim prompting, control wheel steering, continuous pitch/GS monitors, and automatic pitch synchronization.


Automatic Pitch Trim Expansion

Panel Space No additional required.
Weight 2.7 lbs.
Power 1.1 amps nominal @ 14 or 28 VDC

The autotrim expansion adds automatic electrical pitch trim during autopilot operation and yoke mounted command electric pitch trim.


Flight Director Expansion

Panel Space No additional required.
Weight 0.4 lbs.
Power 0.3 amps @ 14 or 28 VDC
Flight Director
The flight director expansion computes the necessary roll and pitch attitudes needed to intercept and maintain headings, courses, attitudes, and altitudes. These computations are then displayed through the flight director horizon as steering commands, greatly simplifying instrument flight.

Yaw Damper Expansion

Panel Space No additional required.
Weight 2.8 lbs.
Power 1.9 amps @ 14 or 28 VDC

Yaw Damper
The Yaw Damper is a subsystem which enhances directional stability by reducing short-term oscillations in the yaw axis, therefore enhancing passenger comfort. In addition, it maintains coordinated flight during turns. The yaw damper is activated with autopilot engagement but may be operated independently. This expansion may be added to any package.


Triden - The Total Solution

Panel Space 3 ATI
Weight 17.3 lbs.
Power 4.5 amps @ 14 or 28 VDC
TSO's C4c, C6c, C9c, C52a
Complete Triden
The complete Triden is a true 3 axis, flight director/autopilot. Its advanced design provides the smoothest, most precise ride possible. The flexible design provides the economy of expandability.


TRIDEN Packages 

AK ( ) Kit is priced complete with all necessary installation hardware, brackets, and manufactured electrical cable harness.

KitsDescriptionSuggested List Price
Triden Trim PrompterTriden 2 Axis Autopilot system  (no gyros)    CALL
Triden AutotrimTriden 2 Axis Autopilot system with autotrim  (no gyros)    CALL
Artificial Horizon
52D267MSquare 3-ATI Lighted Artificial A/H (SIGMA TEK) 1yr warranty    CALL
94A578552C77-4, Single Que Flight Director Steering Horizon, 3-ATI Lighted    CALL
Directional Gyro
52D254MSquare 3-ATI Lighted Directional Gyro    CALL
Heading Situation Indicators
NSD360A-15Square, 3-ATI Lighted, non-slaved, vacuum  CALL
NSD360A-26Square, 3-ATI Lighted, slaved, vacuum  CALL
NSD360A-35Square, 3-ATI Lighted, slaved with RMI bootstrap, vacuum  CALL
NSD1000-26Square, 3-ATI Lighted, slaved, electric electric 14 or 28V  CALL
NSD1000-35Square, 3-ATI Lighted, slaved with RMI bootstrap, electric 14 or 28V  CALL
YK ( )Yaw Damper. See STC List.    CALL
Digital Altitude Preselect1D960 (DAP Kit)    CALL
Expansion Kits
Trim Expansion30300 (14)V, 31300 (28V)    CALL
F/D Expansion30310 (14V), 31310 (28V)    CALL
92S8VOR/LOC Converter Kit for use with NSD when radio receivers do not have built-in OMNI converter or nav flag output. Uses converter P/N 1C707-1.    CALL
92S791C930, Adapter required for use with KCS55A Compass System.    CALL
 92S9691D969, 400Hz ADI/HSI adapter box for 200 mv/deg error.    CALL
 92S969-11D969-1, 400Hz ADI/HSI adapter box for 60 mv/deg error.    CALL
 92S929-21B929-2, Century ARINC heading interface box for KPI 552/553.    CALL