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GPS Roll Steering

Century's GPS Roll Steering ModulesCentury's GPS roll steering module makes flying with your GPS and autopilot easier than ever. GPS roll steering lets you program a complete flight plan into your GPS; and then with the push of a button the autopilot follows your flight plan turn by turn. It even anticipates the turn based on your ground speed and distance to the waypoint.

Once activated all you need to do is moniter the aircraft and leave the navigation to your Century GPSS. By reducing your navigation workload you are able to greatly improve your situational awareness and safety in both VFR and IFR conditions.


C21, C31, C41, C2000 and Triden Autopilots

Annunciation comes in Horizontal or Vertical mounting configurations.

Century GPSS is compatible with any GPS supplying Arinc label 121 out, either 14 or 28 volt aircraft. (High or Low speed.)

GPS Roll Steering General Information:

Weight: 14.0 ounces
Output: 53.3mv / 56mv per degree of heading error
Panel Size: 2.226 X 1.038 inches
Certification: C9c