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Compass System Specifications

HSI Compass System SpecificationsCentury HSIs help pilots spend less time worrying about the complexities of navigating the aircraft and more time enjoying the freedom of flight.

By seeing your position graphically, you receive accurate data at a glance, helping you to navigate confidently and easily in any condition.

Choose from four of the world's best-selling HSI models:

NSD360A Slaved HSI

  • The most popular HSI on the market today.
  • The best features available in an HSI.
  • Simplistic operation.

NSD360A Slaved HSI with RMI Bootstrap

  • The top-of-the-line Century pneumatic HSI.
  • Provides accurate heading information to other flight instrument displays.

NSD360A Non-Slaved HSI

  • The most competitively priced pneumatic HSI on the market today.
  • Defines cost-effective HSI performance.


  • The new standard in electric HSIs.
  • The only electric HSI that does not require a remote gyro.
  • Combines the power of a remote, with the light weight, reliability, and simple installation of a self-contained, one-box instrument.
  • Slaving is a standard feature.
  • RMI bootstrap is optional.

Features of Century's HSIs

  • The most competitively priced pneumatic HSI on the market today.
  • Built-in Electric Gyro (NSD1000 only)
  • Full-time 360-Degree Heading Presentation
  • Rectilinear Course Deviation Indicator
  • Full View Glideslope Indicator
  • Masking Glideslope Warning Flag
  • Built-in Slaving Indicator *
  • 45-Degree Tic Marks
  • Referencing Heading Bug
  • Failed Gyro Warning Flag
  • Free Gyro Mode
  • Gyro Caging Knob
  • Lost Power Warning Flag
  • Discrete NAV Warning Flag
  • RNAV and LORAN Compatible
  • Automatic Magnetic Gyro Slaving *
  • Autopilot Outputs for Heading and Course
  • Continuously Caged Heading and Course Selection Knobs
  • Reference Aircraft and Heading Lubber Line
  • Diffused Incandescent Perimeter Lighting
  • Course Arrow with Reciprocal Indicators
  • TSO's C5e, C6d, C9c, C52a

Dimensions and Weight

  • Height: 3.38 inches
  • Width: 3.38 inches
  • Panel Cutout: 3-ATI
  • Depth: 8.69 inches (NSD360A gyro port and fitting not included.)
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs. (instrument only)

Power Requirements

  • 14 or 28 VDC (NSD1000)

Note: The NSD1000 is voltage specific.


  • Connector Kit
  • Slaving Amp or Slaving Bootstrap and Flux Detector *

Note : * = Slaved models only.