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Century 41 Autopilot

The Century 41 is the advanced digital logic design roll/heading/pitch autopilot with built in VOR/LOC/GS couplers and outputs to drive a single-que, V-Bar flight director system. The basic system consists of the mode programmer, system annunciator, directional and attitude gyros and servos.

Century 41 Autopilot

The Century 41 is a proven concept in autopilot design. Unlike competitive autopilots which are either rate- or position-based, the Century 41 uses both for more precise control and a smoother ride. Other features designed to reduce pilot work-load and fatigue include precisely synchronized pitch attitude and altitude hold modes, a pitch modifier, automatic and manual electric trim, and automated preflight testing. Anticipative VOR/LOC/GS capture automatically compensates for ground speed, intercept angle, wind direction, and distance from the station. "Automatic gain reducing soft enroute VOR tracking" means perfectly mannered station passage.

When using the go-around mode in dealer installed systems, the pilot has only to press the go-around button, clean up the airplane and add go-around power. The autopilot flies to a calibrated pitch up attitude that is set for the single engine safety speed of the airplane and heads to the pilot preset go-around heading.

The Century 41's front panel flight adjustments and custom manufactured cable harness reduce installation and maintenance time and expense.

Options: The NSD slaved or non-slaved HSI system or other compatible HSIs may be substituted for the directional gyro. Altitude Preselect is also available.

Century 41 General Information

Weight: 27.5 - 34.0 lbs.
Power: 2.3 amps @ 14 or 28 VDC
Panel Size: DG and AG - 3-ATI
Programmer: 4.62"W x 1.97"H x 2.43"L
Annunciator: 3.375"W x 1.68"H x 1.326"L


Century 41 Packages

AK ( ) Kit is priced complete with all necessary installation hardware, brackets, and manufactured electrical cable harness.


  1. For complete system, select kit, instruments, and options desired.
  2. Any NAV Converter used with the Century 41 must provide VOR/LOC/GS warning flag information.


KitsDescriptionSuggested List Price
Century 41C-41 2 Axis Autopilot with Autotrim
This autopilot is designed for the larger twin or turbine aircraft.
Artificial Horizon
52D267MSquare 3-ATI Lighted A/H (SIGMA TEK) 1 yr warranty  CALL
52D67MERound 3" Electric attitude gyro  CALL
94A578552C77-4, Single Que Flight Director Steering Horizon, Square 3-ATI Lighted  CALL
Directional Gyro
52D254MSquare 3-ATI Lighted Directional Gyro   CALL
Heading Situation Indicators
NSD360A-15 Square, 3-ATI Lighted, non-slaved, vacuum  CALL
NSD360A-26Square, 3-ATI Lighted, slaved, vacuum  CALL
NSD360A-35Square, 3-ATI Lighted, slaved with RMI bootstrap, vacuum  CALL
NSD1000-26Square, 3-ATI Lighted, slaved, electric 14 or 28V  CALL
NSD1000-35Square, 3-ATI Lighted, slaved with RMI bootstrap, electric 14 or 28V  CALL
YK ( )Yaw Damper. See STC List .  CALL
Digital Altitude Preselect1D960 (DAP Kit)  CALL
92S8VOR/LOC Converter Kit for use with NSD when radio receivers do not have built-in OMNI converter or nav flag output. Uses converter P/N 1C707-1.  CALL
92S791C930, Adapter required for use with KCS55A Compass System.  CALL
 92S9691D969, 400Hz ADI/HSI adapter box for 200mv/deg error.  CALL
92S969-11D969-1, 400Hz ADI/HSI adapter box for 60mv/deg error.  CALL
92S929-21B929-2, Century ARINC heading interface box for KPI 552/553.   CALL

**ADD $6,495.00 Net For Beech Model A, B, or C-99**