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Attitude Gyro

Century Flight Systems Attitude GyroAttitude reference and autopilot sensing are combined in this lighted 3-inch pneumatic attitude gyroscope instrument.

Natural earth-sky symbology, and spherical display combine to make manual instrument flying easier and more precise.

Flight Director Steering Horizon

Century Flight Systems Flight Director steering HorizonVacuum (pictured)

The Century steering horizon (52C77-4) displays the flight director steering commands. The instrument is a lighted square 3-inch (ATI-3 ARINC) format with single cue delta/vee steering display. Computed steering commands allow smooth intercepts and glideslope capture when flying manually and allow the pilot to monitor closely the progress of a coupled approach.


The 52D188 is a square 3-inch (ATI-3 ARINC) electrically powered flight director instrument. The unit features a single cue delta/vee steering display as well as natural earth-sky symbology. Internally lighted, the 52D188 offers exceptional performance and reliability.

Drawings, Schematics, Service Manual Revision List

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